Saturday, April 2, 2011

NCAA Picks Accuracy(or why I should stick to poker)

My picks(a combo of subjective judgments and possession score)- 32/60- 53%

Sweet sixteen and on I just used possession score for a 2/12 rating = 16.6%

For the record just going with the NCAA ranking would have scored 3/12 = 25%

I only used the picks to enter 2 free yahoo contests so at least I didn't lose anything on them. Some may find this surprising but I dislike gambling unless it is either cheap or  I know that I have an edge. This was a good test of why I should stick to poker.

On a side note I should have a poker article with a significant statistics emphasis coming out in the May issue(should appear on May 1st) of the Two Plus Two internet magazine and then this month I'm going to work on cleaning up the charts and better presenting the energy insulin ratio.

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