Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Final Bracket

 I have a final 4 of Ohio State, Texas, Kansas, and Wisconsin

I could also see Notre Dame, Duke, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Purdue or San Diego State making it but in the end you have to pick one team. I've also compiled a list of the most underrated and overrated teams. Enjoy and good luck!


Belmont    8
- Too bad for them they have to play Wisconsin who is also underrated the first round
Utah State    7
 -Don't know much about them
Clemson    5
 -Bah they already lost
Illinois    4
-they also have to play an underrated team UNLV
Marquette    4
-they'll probably run into a pretty good Syracuse team early
Wisconsin    3
- I think they go furthur than their seed
Washington    3
 - I really like this team. I love Justin Holiday.
Gonzaga    3
 - Does anybody else remember the Gophers cheating scandal and their first big run?
Missouri    3
Texas    2
 -They have to face Duke very early. I think this could be tough as Irving is pretty good.
Kentucky    2
-just squeeked by princeton
George Mason    2
UNLV    1


Pittsburgh    -1
-haven't had chance to see them yet
San Diego State    -1
-I think they could go far but they'll have to face either Texas/Duke and I think they lose there
West Virginia    -1
Villanova    -1
Michigan State    -1
North Carolina    -2
-I think Barnes is overrated but I didn't notice that they were playing the game against washington in north carolina. That changes things. Knowing that I'd have picked NC
Florida    -2
-It think they have the easiest draw of any team so I still picked them to advance
Connecticut    -2
Arizona    -2
Williams is good but can his teammates help?
Georgetown    -2
Michigan    -2
Xavier    -3
I think
Temple    -3
Old Dominion    -3
Florida State    -3
UAB    -3
Kansas State    -4
-wrong about this one at the moment. Still time but not loking good
Texas A&M    -4
Butler    -4
-it was close between butler/Old dominion. They were both overrated playing each other
Tennessee    -4
Georgia    -5
St. John's    -7
-losing pretty badly to gonzaga as I write this
UCLA    -8

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