Saturday, January 9, 2010

Paleo dieter and Meals w/ costs

panayz asked: "Paleo Dieter? Can you provide a definitive explanation, definition or describe what this term means in non confusing language.:)"

A paleo(paleolithic) dieter is one that eats based upon the principle that we are best adapted to eating the types of foods that our ancestors ate in the paleolithic period of our history(10,000+ years ago) and that many of the foods introduced since the beginning of agriculture produce short term and long term stresses that our hunter gather bodies are not used to.

I shall start posting my meals. I am going to include costs and potentially consequences as well. If I eat something and get sick now, or have an expense I can link with the initial meal I will factor it in later.

My general advice is to stick with meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Mimic combinations that are popular and that your are familiar with but cut out the potatoes/sugars/industrial oils. Drink water, coffee, and tea without milk or sugar. Go for bright colors and and good tastes.

Breakfast with prices:
Ham steak and eggs + grapes
Est cost for 2: $9.50

Kirby: pieces of ham steak

Chicken salad
spinach + avocado + tomato+ grilled chicken +(olive oil/balsamic dressing/pepper)

Est cost for 2: $15

Kirby: bones + chicken treats
Est cost: $2

Dinner( one of my favorite combos)

Salmon rubbed with olive oil and sprinkled with thyme + broccolli(steamed with butter+ pepper)

Est cost for 2: $12

1/2 pound of beef: $1.50

Greek yogurt+ almonds
Est cost for 2: $6

Estimated cost: $42.50
Estimated cost per person: 26.25
Estimated cost for Kirby: $4.50