Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The evolutionary logic of fruit

As I stated earlier this is going to be mostly a blog about food stats. I've started working on my first table which I'm using to figure out what foods release sugar more slowly when digested which cause less insulin spikes from your pancreas. I have picked the gram as my unit to center everything around because it will help to have all the stats on the same scale. Calories are also scaled to grams.

In basketball for instance good stats are all based around "the possession" and everything else revolves around that. How many points to you get per possession? How many possessions do you gain or lose for your team. How often do you get up a shot per possession? It makes picking out who is good and bad on your team really easy. This crates a much more reliable picture of who the best players are, and is light years better than looking at stats like points per game. Likewise centering everything around the same unit(grams) makes picking out the good and bad foods really easily. The data that I have comes from http://www.mendosa.com/gilists.htm . What I did was to sort all the foods by those with the lowest glycemic load(which is calculated by Glycemic Load = (Glycemic Index x the amount of available carbohydrate divided by 10) and then divided each number by the total number of grams that were sampled.

So the statistic here is glycemic load/per gram and what it says is that given equal calories gained per gram the top foods are all the best. Of course this could change once I find a good source of data of calories per gram.

One of my favorites plain yogurt made the list. A few I have no clue what they are. Turkish noodle soup? I may just have to find a good recipe as allrecipes.com returns no hits. Seems like it might be a great food to eat when you are sick!Fruit takes 17 of the top 50 spots by my count(I may have miscounted).

Fruit and your body have been been in relationship quite a while and have worked out an efficient and effective means of exchange(This seems to have alluded modern food processing companies). Tomorrow I'll post the bottom of the list and show you why I think Tony the Tiger is probably a diabetic.

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